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Spithead Express  by BALFOUR, Christopher

BALFOUR, Christopher

Spithead Express

The Pre-War Island Air Ferry and Post-War Plans

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Ilyushin Il-18 by BALLANTINE, Colin


Ilyushin Il-18

Airliners Series - No. 14

One of a series produced in the 1970's, this volume dedicated to the Ilyushin II-18. Includes aircraft history and fine colour drawings of variants in airline service with descriptions and photographs. Search using 'Airliners Series' for other volumes.

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Chinese Airlines  by BALLANTINE, Colin & TANG, Pamela

BALLANTINE, Colin & TANG, Pamela

Chinese Airlines

Airline Colours of China

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Croissants at Croydon by BAMFORD, Jack


Croissants at Croydon

The Memoirs of Jack Bamford

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The Rise and Fall of Freddie Laker by BANKS, Howard

BANKS, Howard

The Rise and Fall of Freddie Laker

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Capital Airlines  by BAPTIE, Charles

BAPTIE, Charles

Capital Airlines

A Nostalgic Flight Into the Past

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The Chosen Instrument  by BENDER, Marylin & ALTSCHUL, Selig

BENDER, Marylin & ALTSCHUL, Selig

The Chosen Instrument

Juan Trippe, Pan Am -The Rise and Fall of an American Entrepreneur

Biography of Juan Trippe founder of Pan Am.

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Grounded by BERNSTEIN, Aaron



Frank Lorenzo and the Destruction of Eastern Airlines

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Airline Pasionado by BOOTH, Robert C.

BOOTH, Robert C.

Airline Pasionado

Before, Braniff, and After

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