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Aviation - Civil

Civil Aviation, Commercial Aircraft, Airlines and Flying

From the Wright brothers’ first flight in December 1903, aircraft and the aviation industry developed rapidly.  Lighter-than-air craft continued with balloons and airships, but heavier-than-air craft dominated with aeroplanes, helicopters, gliders and many other forms. Milestones in flight included Bleriot’s flight across the Channel in 1909; Rodgers’ first U.S. transcontinental flight in 1911; Alcock and Brown’s Atlantic crossing in 1919; Lindbergh’s first solo transatlantic flight in 1927; Gagarin’s space flight in 1961 and the Voyager round the world flight in 1986.


Commercial aircraft and airlines expanded across the world during the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Airlines such as KLM, Imperial Airways, Pan American and Qantas were founded utilising the fast developing cabin aircraft and flying boats supplied by manufacturers such as Boeing, Handley Page, de Havilland, Junkers and Douglas.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Comet, 707, DC-8, Caravelle, 747 and Concorde led to the civil aviation industry of today.


Our Civil Aviation category includes books on all aspects of the history and operation of aircraft, airlines, airports and flying. 


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Airships by ABBOTT, Patrick

ABBOTT, Patrick


Shire Album 259

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Airship  by ABBOTT, Patrick

ABBOTT, Patrick


The Story of R.34 and the first East-West crossing of the Atlantic by air

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The Welch Airplane Story by ABEL, Drina Welch

ABEL, Drina Welch

The Welch Airplane Story

Airplanes Designed and Manufactured by Orin Moore Welch

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Manchester Airport by ABRAHAM, Barry & JONES, Les


Manchester Airport

Ringway Remembered

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Oshkosh - The World's Biggest Aviation Event  by ADDISON, Colin


Oshkosh - The World's Biggest Aviation Event

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Airliners No. 1 by Airline Publications

Airline Publications

Airliners No. 1

Airliners Series

Series produced in the 1970's featuring airliner colour drawings with descriptions and photographs. This volume features a selection of general aircraft, others were for specific aircraft types (search using "Airliners Series").

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British Transport Since 1914  by ALDCROFT, Derek H.


British Transport Since 1914

An Economic History

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