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Tips on Using this Site

We have developed this site to enable you to readily browse and buy books.  Category allocation allows you to browse your specific area of interest and identify books which you may not have been previously aware.  Our book listings provide all relevant details, including an image, together with an assessment and notes on condition.  We offer courier delivery rates which make multiple book buying very economical.


It is our aim to continually increase the amount of stock titles so that we have a readily available comprehensive selection of stock.  The site is already the largest of its type world-wide and we intend to continue to build on our available titles.




We have developed our own unique categories which subdivide areas of interest.  These categories are on three levels from a general subject area to about twenty areas of logical sub-division and then further specific detailed categories.


Specific books are featured on the first level display.  Should you wish to review all books on the general subject area, this can be achieved through advance search (we recommend you set the display to 100 per page).  On the second and third level you will find books listed for these categories.  You may change the order of listing by author, title or price.


You may find that certain categories do not list any books.  This can arise where books have been sold in that area and the listing of new stock is in progress and uncompleted.


We strongly advise you to re-check our listings on a regular basis as we are updating daily and always have a very large amount of stock in the process of being listed.


Book Listings


We provide a full listing for our titles.  Pictures are used to illustrate the individual book; to avoid photographing multiple copies of identical books these are mostly stock photographs.  For the more valuable items we will be happy to provide further pictures upon request. 


Where a book forms part of a series, or has one or more volumes, these are normally listed as one item on the category page and as individual volumes in the Book Detail page.  This is to avoid repetition of very similar books when browsing the category.


The Book Detail page will offer books in the different editions and conditions currently available.


Books are assessed in accordance with our grading system (see Book Conditions section) and any relevant additional detail is provided in the notes.


Book Summaries are being added over time; as you will appreciate this is a very time consuming exercise.  If you are unfamiliar with a book please let us know and we will prioritise adding a summary to the listing.  


Advanced Search


We have provided this to enhance the ability to search and browse the site.  Books may be listed by Publisher, Language and Category.  You may also list all books currently on the site.