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Historical Development

Development of the Locomotive by Central Steel Company
Author: Central Steel Company Prices start from: £18.00
Title: Development of the Locomotive Variations Available: 1
Summary: Company produced 1925 book relating the development of the locomotive in drawings and narrative. The last three pages covering the importance of steel in locomotive production.
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100 Years of Steam Locomotives by LUCAS, Walter A.
Author: LUCAS, Walter A. Prices start from: £35.00
Title: 100 Years of Steam Locomotives Variations Available: 1
Summary: Photographs and diagrams of locomotives from the 1850's to the time of publication, as extracted from various editions of the Locomotive Cyclopedia.
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American Steam Locomotives  by NORTH, Paul
Author: NORTH, Paul Prices start from: £10.00
Title: American Steam Locomotives Variations Available: 2
Summary: -----
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The American Steam Locomotive  by SWENGEL, F.M.
Author: SWENGEL, F.M. Prices start from: £32.00
Title: The American Steam Locomotive Variations Available: 2
Subtitle: Volume 1 - The Evolution of the Steam Locomotive
Summary: Locomotive types from the 1870s to 1950s with each described and photographed. This first volume covered locomotive evolution while further volumes were planed on main and short line usage. However only volume one was produced.
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